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Spay Days
Our highest priority is to address the root cause of neglect, which is most often due to over-population. This is why our regular Spay Days, conducted at local venues in the heart of the community, are of the utmost importance. We have sterilised hundreds of Vrygrond pets to date and continue to walk door to door to sign up more sterilisations. On average, we sterilise 45 pets per Spay Day. This provides a platform for us to de-worm, de-flea and vaccinate pets, thereby demonstrating to owners the primary healthcare needs of their animals. Dancers Love Dogs have been the primary funder of our Spay Day initiatives and we are very grateful for their support.

To achieve meaningful and long-lasting change within the local community, education and relationship building is equally as important as population control. One-on-one counselling of pet owners is an essential part of all our activities. We are aiming to expand the education programme further with more formal education sessions and communication activities targeting different groups within the community.

Pet Clinics
In close partnership with DogMatters who financially support our monthly Pet Clinics, we set up various stations where pet owners can bring their dogs to be dipped, de-wormed, groomed and signed up for sterilisation. We also de-flea and de-worm puppies and have a basic dispensary for minor ailments such as skin conditions, sores or eye problems.

Subsidised Food
Our AfriPaw Ambassadors sell pet food, that we are able to source at a charity rate, from their homes in the community. With this model we not only make pet food more accessible and affordable, but also ensure sustainability and create jobs within the communities we work.

Paw Patrol
During weekly Paw Patrol we walk door to door to scout the area, identify vulnerable, sick or injured animals and connect with residents to offer assistance and advice. Severe cases are taken to our veterinary partners for further care before the pets are returned to their homes.

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