Animal Communication and Healing with Claire

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I offer a combination of Animal Communication, Self Selection and Intuitive Energy Work to support your animal’s health and wellbeing. I allow animals to guide the session, focusing on what they need most. I offer home visits in Cape Town, South Africa as well as internationally via Google Meet.

Animal communication is a heart to heart connection. It is only possible if you come from a place of unconditional love. Through this connection I am able to see, feel, sense and know what your animal wishes to share. This process is helpful for anyone who wishes to know how their animals feel. I can offer insight from the animals in situations where owners and animals are struggling to understand each other, for example behavioural issues. I address past trauma, emotional and physical issues as well as any preferences and requests (these often come up). I do a body scan to see inside the animals body and get a feeling for what they are experiencing in their organs and other bodily systems. 

Animals are highly emotional, feeling beings and people are often surprised when their animal has a sense of humour or is capable of lying (although this is most common with cats!). 

I also connect to animals that have passed over. All you will need to provide is a photograph of your animal and an open mind. In situations where you do not have a photograph of your animal we can work with their name. Often in a session if you have asked to hear from a particular animal they will pop in to share a message with their loved one.

For more information and a detailed explanation of my work please visit my website.

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