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In 1997, Border Collie Rescue (BCR) grew out of the need to find adoptive homes for the ever-increasing number of unwanted Border Collies (BC). Since then BCR had to re-home approximately 6500 BC’s. (Roughly 300 per year and increasing) Volunteers strive to ensure that all Border Collies needing homes find permanent placement and that owners are capable of dealing with the challenges and demands of living with these immensely active and intelligent dogs. BCR is also an invaluable service for many Border Collie owners who, through no fault of their own, can no longer care for their trusted friend.

While a good, trained working dog is worth his weight in gold; many that come into our care have not been trained. The saying, “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks…”has been proven wrong in our re-homing; some of our dogs have moved on to work livestock on small farms, others are competing successfully in obedience and agility.Some of our main objectives are to:Educate the public about the Border Collie (BC)Find adoptive homes for unwanted BC’sProvide rehabilitation for abused BC’sProvide foster homes for abandoned BC’sRaise funds to cover the operating costs of BCR i.e. sterilization, advertising, kenneling fees, transport, telephone and other veterinary expenses.

BCR registered as a nonprofit organization in 1999. NPO Nr 006 620. BCR is recognized by SARS as PBO, any donations made to BCR are tax deductible, tax receipts are issued on request.

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