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Pet Walking

Dogs love to run. They were born to run. Running is beneficial to your dog’s mental health. Running makes dogs happy. The following benefits will be achieved and your dog will:

  • Be less anxious
  • Learn to manage better in social situations
  • Lose weight and have better muscle tone
  • Have reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Have less separation anxiety
  • Behave better
  • Be more trainable
  • Have fun while exercising
  • Be happier and calmer.

Our programs will increase his endorphin levels. We expose your dog to a wide variety of people, places, dogs, and things. Your dog’s cardiovascular health will improve dramatically. We take your dog out during the day giving him a break from social isolation.

Pet Walking

Are you going on holiday and don’t know what to do with your pets? Whether your dog needs a dog walker/runner or dog daycare while you’re atwork, or a pet sitter to make sure your pet’s needs are met while you’re out of town, we have a pet sitter in your area to take care of your animals while you enjoy your time away.

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