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GoodPet’s emphasis is on developing relationships between animals and their humans, who are taught to interact with their pets at all levels, from education to recreation.

GoodPet adopts a holistic approach and the company works closely with recognised experts in the field who are committed to gaining and sharing scientific and practical knowledge. A particular interest is the link between human psychology and animal behaviour, and how a deeper understanding of both will help to promote positive human-animal interaction.

Positive reinforcement and motivational training methods are used exclusively to empower animals and their people.

We offer training venues that are safe and securely fenced in. We have the sole mandate for dog training on the properties. Everyone has to comply with our strict safety protocols providing clients and trainers peace of mind knowing that their dogs and families are not at risk.

You and your canine will be training with qualified and registered professionals.

We offer:

  • Group classes
  • Playgroup / Open Social Class
  • Private lessons
  • Behavioural consultations – dealing with in-depth behavioural problems
  • Eventing: Pet-related
  • Puppy and pooch parties

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