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The idea of pet photography came quite easy to me. I was spoilt to have the most incredible little soul in my life for 16 years – his name was Sir Jag (Born 19 October 1999 – Passed 1 May 2016). He was my inspiration for all of his 16 years and was completely the reason for Pet-ography getting started albeit that we started a bit later on in his life. Sir Jag was ready to be a “top-model” and Pet-ography was ready to capture it all.

Our pets aren’t just “pets” but rather a big part of the family. And just like we all enjoy looking back at those fond memories of family get togethers and holidays, so our fur-family should have those special moments captured as well. We tend to forget how quickly they grow up.

Pet-ography is all about capturing those memories with you. Family photoshoots taken where they are most comfortable …. at home in their garden, playing in their favourite park or a fun walk on the beach and for those less active personalities …. moments captured while catching up on those all important 40-winks on the couch or enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sun. The photoshoot is all about them and what best suits them. They get to make all the decisions. It’s all about fun, fun, fun and making sure that their true personality and souls are captured for the sake of “fur”ever.

We are a part of their whole life but they are sadly, only in a short part of ours.

Pet-ography will keep their memories alive.

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