SA Yorkie Rescue - Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier

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Embrace the love of a Yorkshire Terrier through SA Yorkie Rescue & Rehoming. Discover how to qualify, become a rescuer, and see why Yorkies make wonderful companions.

Qualify for Adoption

Ensure you have the time, patience, and financial readiness. Each Yorkie has unique needs, so we need to find the perfect match.

Join our mission to give Yorkies loving homes. Follow our adoption process for stress-free transitions.

Rescuing Yorkies for over a decade, we’ve placed hundreds in caring homes across South Africa. Your support helps us continue.

Understanding Costs

Consider potential vet expenses when rescuing. Your financial preparedness ensures their well-being.

Why Choose a Yorkie

Perfectly sized, full of energy, and offering lifelong companionship. Yorkies are great for any family.

Adopt, foster, or support ethical practices. Together, we change lives, one Yorkie at a time.

Make a difference with SA Yorkie Rescue. Adopt, love, and cherish a Yorkshire Terrier. Learn more at

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