November 4, 2018
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Rocky The Rock Star Cat Needs Assistance



Not the best photo because I cant get the little critter to sit still. So much to SEE so much to do.....
I am eternally grateful to many of you for your Donations in making this possible and for your well wishes and support. He just sat with me purring his head off and rubbing his face against mine, saying THANK YOU maybe. I certainly think so. We also have enough money to have at the least his Mama done, so no more Rocky's. I SAY NO TO MORE KITTENS, they tell me there are 4 of the ferals pregnant again at the place where I found Rocky, shocking !

Written by Danette Stewart

Hello Adopt a Pet, thank you the opportunity to share Rocky's story, he is such a Special Soul. 

I found him on 5 June at the home of a couple that feed the feral cats daily in Munster. I was told there is a kitten busy dying. He was basically discarded. Unfortunately this couple have their hands TOO full. When I pick him up he was floppy and in a terrible state, his face was bunged up with mucus and his eyes sealed shut with conjunctivitis. But he was ALIVE.

Now this was at 5.30 in the afternoon, so I couldn't take him home like that (I was also petrified that he infected our other 8 cats at home) so I phoned Dr Watson but he was closed, I then rushed through to a Vet in Southbroom who refused to even see him, obviously I was not impressed. Thank goodness I had R300 in the bank so I just said give me formula and then at least I can feed him, he was starving.

First thing in the morning I took him to Dr Watson, Rocky had conjunctivitis badly as well as Flu and lots of Ringworm. Dr Watson was exceptional and he saved Rocky's life, he estimated that Rocky was 3 weeks old. The diagnosis was that he may be blind, but this did not concern me, he wouldn't have known any different as far as I was concerned.

So began the long road to recovery and with cleaning and treating his eyes 3 times a day one eye opened; that was quite a day of Celebration! He also had to have daily baths and lots of meds and ointments, and of course everyone including the Hoomans got his ringworm. I was pumping the little guy with vitamins and probiotics.

Then at 3 months my friend Anne, asked me to please take him to Dr Bruggermann for a check-up but more importantly to have his other eye seen to, at her expense.

Dr Bruggermann said there is nothing wrong with the eye but that the inner lid had not retracted and hence he can't see. He also said if I bring Rocky back at 6 months, he will operate on the eye and neuter him at the same time. I am VERY concerned about the cost of this operation because I quite honestly don't have the money for it, hence my asking for help with the setting up a @openROCKY'Seye fund.

He also was horrified at the Ringworm that was covering Rocky's skin. So there was another round of antibiotics and an ointment that I sprayed all over the house including the other pets and humans.

Today he is a gorgeous boy with a seriously fluffy bum and tail and naturally he has stolen many hearts on his little 5 month journey. I have to book him in at the end of this month.

Please if anyone can be of financial assistance to get this little guy seeing again, please contact Danette -

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