You may think you have earned that long awaited holiday but you will not rest easy unless you have made plans for your pet’s holiday accommodation. You have a few options to consider and you can make the decision based on how well you know your pets. They all have different personalities, so some pet care accommodation might not suite your pet. Don’t leave these details to the last minute as you may make some hasty decisions and find yourself without options at the last minute.

Leave your pet at family or close friends

This may be asking too much from family or friends but if you lucky it might just happen. Make sure that the travel there is comfortable and stay with your pets for at least an hour before you disappear on your own holiday. Ensure that they have all the necessary food, sleeping arrangements, phone numbers and money making the sitters more comfortable. Happy human equals happy pet.


Take your pet on holiday with you

Unfortunately we live in a day and age where pets are not really welcome anywhere. It is a rarity to find accommodation that allows pets so very few people have the privilege to take their pets on holiday. Before doing this consider the length of the journey, if you have the correct travelling and that you will have to make more stops on your journey.

Book your pet into a kennel or cattery

This is the most popular and convenient choice for most holiday makers but can get costly. It is important to find the kennel and once you have you will find that they are booked well in advance. No matter how good the kennel or cattery is, your animals will suffer from stress
Things to look out for when choosing a kennel or cattery:

  • Are they a registered facility and perhaps ask the local SPCA if they recommend them.
  • Take a tour of the facility and make sure it is clean, well maintained and the other animals look healthy.
  • Look at the cages to make sure they are large enough and they have protection form the elements like rain and sun.
  • Make sure that the facility allows you to bring your own food, blankets, bowls etc. for their stay, it makes it seem more secure for your pet.

The facility should only allow pets that vaccines are up to date; question the facility and make sure it is one of their rules.Looking after you pets whilst you take a long deserved rest should really be a top priority. Ensuring their safety and happiness will allow you and your family to have a better holiday without the worry.