Written By Nikki Ridley

Cats love to roam. This is fine when you live on a farm, but not so great when you live in the city. As many of us do. So how do we keep our beloved moggies happy when they must be confined within the four walls of our apartments? It’s not as if we can pop them on a leash and take them for a walk like their canine cousins, is it? (Well – some cats maybe. I have read about one or two on Facebook, but they are not exactly in the majority).

Here are some tips on keeping your apartment cat happy – and out of the mischief:


  • Climbing structures: Cats like to climb as much as they love to roam. They also like to look down on their kingdom (or queendom) from a height. Climbing structures for indoor cats can be bought ready-made, or a DIY creation. Include platforms where Cleopatra can sit or sleep at a height. Ideally, this should be near a window, so she can keep an eye on her neighbourhood too.
  • Scratching posts: Cats love to scratch and they need to keep their claws sharp, so they can make your legs bleed when you get home from work. Scratching posts are standard stock at your pet shop.
  • Hiding places: Cats need dens. This harks back to their wild ancestry. Kitted-out cosy cupboard shelves (left open of course), cardboard boxes or dens built in to the climbing structure will do. Anywhere they can squish themselves into, and watch you from.
  • Other cats: Cats love company. They’ll keep each other entertained during the day. You won’t be under so much pressure to run around dragging a toy mouse on a string for them every evening. They will also play with their toys together. A cat alone gets bored with toys very quickly.

Keeping your apartment cat exercised and entertained keeps them out of mischief. It also keeps them healthy – both physically and mentally. None of us wants a psychotic, depressed moggie with it’s hair all falling out, now do we?

PS: If you train your kitty from an early age, you might be able to turn her part way into a dog, and take her for evening walks. Cat leashes are also standard fare at pet shops. Don’t worry too much if this doesn’t work out.