This year we decided to boost our furry seniors by introducing them as our Valentine’s bachelors and bachelorettes. These seniors have either been residing with us for an extended period or have been surrendered to us for re-homing already at a senior age.

One such senior lady is named Jinny. Jinny came to us a many moons ago and has been part of the Wet Nose family; she was rescued in an industrial area where she was abandoned and didn’t trust any humans at all. She had to undergo a lot of rehab before she started trusting only a few people.

People sadly overlooked her due to her shyness…on our “Walk for Love” fun day that took place on the 15th of February one of the visitors approached us to sponsor Jinny.

Monday the 17th of February the sponsor contacted us and said that she wanted us to cancel the debit order because she wanted to rather adopt Jinny…boy we were ecstatic!! This is the day we all have been hoping and praying for…this very gentle, shy girl will finally be adopted!

We visited the property, introduced Jinny to her new family and off she went. Jinny will still have to get accustomed to a lot because she considered Wet nose as her forever home, now she has a real home with her own loving family! In the past week she has already settled in and are a very loved girl!

To Jinny’s new family – thank you so much for being the angels that you are and giving Jinny a safe, warm retirement home, you will be blessed with so many wagging tails and sloppy kisses!!!

To Jinny from all at Wet Nose – Your journey has just started brave old girl, you will live on in our hearts!