On January 7th, we were born with our other brother and sister Ginger and ZeeZee. ‘They’ say Capricorns are serious and sensible, but ‘they’ havn’t met us. We’re naughty. Real naughty. Swinging off the curtains naughty.

Me, Koppa, being first born have taken the lead. I’m a mountaineer at heart and not even Mt Everest can stand in my way. My number one requirement for finding a furrrever family was that they could keep up with my shenanigans. And boy did Mr Gus and I hit the jackpot. They even built a cardboard fort for us- if that isn’t love then I don’t know what love is.

Mr Gus is my lil bro. When his stealth mode is activated, there’s no stopping him. He was even the first one to catch one of those pesky leaves! But really, he’s a sweetheart and melts all the girls’ hearts.

We sure are going to miss our other siblings and our beautiful mama, but we know they are going to find amazing homes too!

Adventure Awaits! XOXO

Koppa and Mr Gus