Responsible pet ownership means that you are financially able to feed your pet, take your pet to a vet when necessary and provide your pet with love, care and respect. It also means that you’ll ensure its physical, mental and emotional health and happiness.

On Monday, 24 February, our Inspector rushed through to KwaMahlanga. A six month old Africanis puppy was found in severe pain, her face covered in scabs, and her little body were red and bleeding in some places. She kept on trying to scratch her little body all over because of the itchiness but it was really painful.

According to the owner, she rescued the puppy recently. The puppy then started scratching and her skin got all reddened, they did dip the dog but to no avail…a week ago someone broke into their house, and they think that the people then threw the puppy with warm water in the face, her little face became swollen and full of scabs. The owner contacted us and said that they cannot afford medical treatment and that we must please come and collect the puppy.

The condition of the puppy is horrific, and we know that keeping her in this condition is no excuse but the owner were responsible enough to contact us for assistance. She surrendered Natasha over to us for treatment and then for rehoming.

Natasha was rushed to Wet Nose Animal Clinic and after a very thorough examination it was confirmed that she has severe Demodectic Mange.
One of our amazing veterinarians; Dr Zadri will be treating this little girl; she has been placed on the necessary medication as well as pain and anti-itching tablets. Her road to recovery will be long, but we will keep a close eye on Natasha’s recovery.

If you want to help us with the recovery of Natasha please let us know.

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