It started with anger directed to the person or persons that abandoned this gorgeous cute kitten on a bridge with a dangerous road. It has ended in joy and laughter with this kitten growing up happy, naughty and healthy as a complex community cat. It took us about 1 day to fall in love with this tiny little kitten and made a decision to keep her as a complex cat after no one responded to our lost advert.

It took about two weeks to get her from fur and bone to a healthy shine, feeding her good food and bathing her to get rid of all the fleas. In those two weeks we took notice of her personality and gave her the name Catrina, the countless broken crockery will attest to her name. Curiosity is her middle name with a nose that has to get into everything.

Her first trip to the vet went without a hitch and she really behaved herself. She had her injections, was dewormed and was pronounced healthy. They say that animals forget…….HUMPH….. her second trip was filled with meowing and b&*^ing all the way. She was spayed and everything went well, healing beautifully and fur already over her scar.

If it’s laughter you are looking for……..get a cat! She has us humans in hysterics with her antics and is getting rather spoilt. Due to her curiosity she has fallen in the bath countless times, skidded around corners, fallen off kitchen counters and looks at us and says “I meant to do that.”

She purrs like a cheetah, loud and proud with a tiny meow that lets you know she is hungry. All in all even with her naughtiness she is a delight to be with, bringing neighbours together as a community to save this little kitten.

We stand by our lost and found advert and plead with holiday makers that join us at Xmas time. Please don’t buy animals for your children and then abandon them when you go home. We have spoken to numerous vets on the South Coast and they say it is a huge problem. Please humans show some compassion and only get an animal if you intend to love them.