The Short Life Of Killer- A 10 Month Old Foxy


My name was “Killer” and I was a 10 month old Foxy puppy. This is the story of my short life and how it ended far too soon at the hands of a short tempered animal abuser. My story will make you very sad, but it must be told so that others may think twice before following in my abusers footsteps; and so that you might help me get justice for myself and my traumatized owner.

It started a few months ago when I went to live with a kind old lady called Tannie Rina and her son on a plot in Brits. There were three houses on the plot but not everyone was as kind as Tannie Rina. An elderly couple lived in one of the other houses, but the husband was mean. He and his workers hated me and often threatened me. They chased me, tried to kick me and threw things at me; the old man even aimed for me when he drove past in his bakkie.

On 23 January 2020, I was lying in the sun outside my house when the mean old man’s wife came past with a glass in her hand. I was unsure and threatened by her presence and I barked at her, but she did not go away and this was my territory. After being tormented for months, and my warnings being ignored, I nipped her on her leg; not badly but just enough to let her know that I was scared. She hurled her glass at me and shouted for her husband to come because I had bitten her. Tannie Rina apologized to the wife and then took me inside the house. I heard the husband coming, shouting all the way, so I tried to hide in the T.V. Room.

The mean old man barged into the house with something long and hard in his hands. He shouted at Tannie Rina that “today he would beat the —– dog to death”. She tried to chase him out of her house but he refused to go. Then the beating started.

I yelped and screamed and cried but could not get away. Tannie Rina was trying to get to me but the mean man would not allow her to save me. She was crying hysterically and begging him t o stop …. but to no avail! I was trying so hard to get away and managed to drag my broken body just a few meters to outside my front door, but the mean old man followed me.

He continued to hit me wherever he could, the blows fell all over my body. I was getting weaker and knew that it would be over soon. My crying stopped, my b ody and spirit could not fight this attack or the pain any longer, as the last bit of life slipped out of me, in a pool of blood.

This apparently was not enough for this mean old man. He continued to take out his rage on me, even after I was gone. He then shouted for his worker to bring a bag. Tannie Rina was beside herself and begged him to leave me so that she could bury me, but he refused. Instead he put my battered body in a bag and chucked me on a rubbish dump like a piece of garbage!

The plot that Tannie Rina lives on belongs to the mean old man’s son. She has now been evicted and told to leave immediately. Poor Tannie Rina and her son are so heart broken and now also homeless.

I know that my story is heartbreaking, so will you help me show people what can happen to someone who abuses animals. That way, maybe my death will protect other dogs like me from suffering the same horrific abuse that was forced upon me…


(Our Inspector retrieved Killers body from the dump and a post mortem examination was carried out. The p ost mortem revealed that Killer was struck repeatedly on the cranium leading to acute hemorrhage, swelling of tissue (the left eye and the brain) and multiple fractures.

A case of animal cruelty as well as other charges have been opened with the Brits SAPS and the accused will be appearing in court soon.)