If you are going to adopt a pet, it’s likely that not only are you not fussy, you may well be ready to love the ‘weird and wonderful’. We are not talking Labradoodles here; no, that’s way too fashionable. Here are a few pets you’ll be lucky as Lucy to get to adopt. Cross your fingers and hope for… 

An unwanted rodent:

This is a likely scenario for adopt a pet choices. Lots of empty-nester Mom’s don’t want the kid’s beady-eyed sewer dwellers. Look for families with teens about to go off to college (or Thailand) and get your paws on a Pedigree Rat. They come in ‘compact and fluffy’ and ‘long and not fluffy at all’. They all have beady eyes. But they are all also very intelligent, devoted, loving pets. You can even put them in your pocket. And they’ll stay there. You can take them to the shops and on holiday.

Much better than hamsters. Any rat owner will tell you so.

The cat you might mistake for a rat:

Some cats have been bred to look like rats (because rats are so cool, and so are cats – so how to get the best of both – breed out the hair). Take a look at this creature feature: (Click here to be suprised)

Go on, adopt the expensive but (in this case – if you are lucky enough to find one looking for an urgent forever home) unwanted nightmare. Love the ugly. It’s your duty. Your hairless wizard will love you back more. Best things about them – they never, ever, grow a coat. Guaranteed to look like a Rescue from a Drain-Pipe – forever. Even more lovable.


They don’t breathe fire. No, not ever. No matter how tight you close your eyes and wish they did. They don’t fly either. Not unless Uncle Nestor accidentally sits on it while it’s chilling under a couch cushion and fishes it out and flings it across the room. See even dragons give us some laughter.

But if you can swallow your disappointment and sign up with the ‘no fire-breathing, no independent flying’ small print, there are some awesome nearly completely functional dragons out there, that make great pets. Reptilian family members include iguanas, chameleons, bearded dragons and various large geckos.

Yes…ok…you can have an alligator – but only if you have a spare swimming pool in Florida.

To conclude: If you want to get really weird and wonderful – there’s a world of birds out there…some spiders…and a few varieties of small canines with sticky-out eyes and curly tails…but that’s for another blog…

In the meantime – don’t be fussy. Adopt a pet! Any pet! Pet choices fade in the face of the urgent need for ‘owner choices’. They need you more than you need them. Urgently.